New feature: number field automation

You can now also run segmentations, dynamic lists, and automation rules on prospect or account number fields.

Number Fields and Segmentation, Automation, and Dynamic Lists

Selecting number fields when using segmentation, automation, or dynamic lists gives you new logic types to use. These options are the same as what you would see when using a rule based on score.

  • is empty
  • is not empty
  • is
  • isn’t
  • is greater than
  • is less than

Number Field Automation Logic

Incrementing a Number Field via Completion Actions

You can also increase (or decrease) the value of a prospect’s number field when he or she takes a certain action (fills out a form, accesses a file, etc.). Simply choose the option to Increment prospect field value and choose +/- to add or subtract from the current value. This allows you to do things like build your own scoring system, separate from the one you set up under administration (e.g. if you had multiple product lines).

Number Field Completion Actions

CRM Syncing

You can sync number fields with your CRM just as you would any other field types. Simply edit the custom field and be sure to map it to a either an integer or decimal field.

Account Fields

If your CRM connector allows account syncing, you can also sync account date fields. To configure these, Click Prospects –> Prospect Accounts in the left navigation. Then click Configure Account Fields to set up the mapping.