New feature: new email editor and 36 new email layouts

Pardot?s WYSIWYG email editor just got a big upgrade! Not only that ? we?re also rolling out 36 new email layouts to go along with it.

The new email editor is a huge improvement over the old WYSIWYG and will make it easier than ever for you to get those important newsletters and announcements out to your prospects and clients. The new email layouts have been developed to take full advantage of all the new advanced features of the editor, and are great examples of email design best practices for getting your emails to render correctly in every email client.

During my February new features webinar, I covered the new email editor and answered people?s questions. You can find my slides and a recording of that webinar attached at the bottom of this post.

To use the new email editor, follow the exact same steps as before to create or edit an email or email template. When you reach the content editing step, you will see a link to activate the new editor just above the old editor. We wanted to make sure that we didn?t force people to use the new editor until they were ready, and we?ll also be keeping the old editor available for a period of 4 weeks as people get up to speed with the new editor.

The new email editor, showcasing one of the new email layouts

How have we improved the new editor? Just like you?d expect, the new editor is still a WYSIWYG-based editor, but we?ve gone to great lengths to improve the reliability and ease of use of many of the common tasks such as adding, removing, formatting, and styling your content. Getting your email to render in multiple email clients can sometimes be a chore ? you don?t need a finicky editor getting in your way making it even harder!

Questions? Please reach out to me, our support team, or your client advocate ? we?re happy to help!

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2 thoughts on “New feature: new email editor and 36 new email layouts

  • Zach, I can’t wait to take the new editor for a spin. My biggest hope is that it will generate cleaner HTML code, not that the previous edition was at all bad. The biggest problem that I have had with the old editor is managing fonts – it is just plain finnicky.

    Typically, I have to roll up my sleeves and dive directly into the html, which, like the making of laws and sausages, is nothing most of us ever want to witness.I would painstakingly adjust the fonts and sizes in the html so that they would be exact, save it, but much to my dismay, when I would re-open the email file, the old editor would undo everything I had just done. That would elicit a reaction not unlike Curly Howard when he got frustrated.

    So I go into this with high hopes for cleaner and less finicky html generation. If you nail that, I will nominate you for the Nobel Prize. Maybe an Oscar too.

    Thanks very much!

    • Brian,

      Thanks for the great feedback. This was one of the main things we tried to keep in mind when building the new editor – making sure that the changes you made showed up correctly, and then carried through to render on every email client.

      We put a ton of work into identifying and addressing the formatting/styling issues with the old editor and think we’ve done a really good job making sure the new email editor is much more reliable and predictable when it comes to tweaking these things.

      But, the proof is in the pudding – please try it out and if you encounter any situations where your are losing that formatting, we definitely want to fix it. We have a TON more control now over lots of aspects we did not previously because we’ve built this new editor from the ground up. Yes, we still use TinyMCE but it’s limited in scope and so its quirks should be contained a lot better – especially if you use the styling tools built in to the new editor (and try and keep from doing a lot of styling using TinyMCE).

      If you have more questions, the webinar I just hosted about the new editor will be posted shortly and should answer most of them. If not, feel free to reach out via email.

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