New feature: date field automation

You can now run segmentations, dynamic lists, and automation rules on prospect or account date fields. We have also made it easy for you to put these onto forms (you may ask prospects when they would be available for a meeting, etc.).

Segmentation, Automation, and Dynamic Lists

Selecting date fields when using segmentation, automation, or dynamic lists gives you new logic types to use.

  • is empty
  • is not empty
  • is after
  • is before
  • days ago greater than
  • days ago less than
  • days in future greater than
  • days in future less than

Date Field Segmentation

“Date stamping” via Completion Actions

Another interesting things you can do with date fields is use completion actions to set a value in a date field when a prospect takes a certain action (fills out a form, accesses a file, etc.). You can either set the value to a pre-defined value (today, a week from today, a month from today, etc.) or use our custom language (+2 months, -2 months, +1 days, etc.).

Date Stamp via Completion Actions

Form Behavior

To help validate your data, Pardot automatically uses a calendar widget when you either manually edit a prospect’s date field or when the field appears on one of your forms.

Date Field on a Form

Calendar Widget

CRM Syncing

You can sync date fields with your CRM just as you would any other field types. Simply edit the custom field and be sure to map it to a date field in your CRM (as opposed to a “date and time” fields).

Account Fields

If your CRM connector allows account syncing, you can also sync account date fields. To configure these, Click Prospects –> Prospect Accounts in the left navigation. Then click Configure Account Fields to set up the mapping. Again, these should map to date fields in your CRM as opposed to date and time fields.