New drip condition: has prospect opened email

By popular demand, we have just added a “has prospect opened email” condition to drip programs to complement the “has prospect clicked email” check.

Drip programs: open condition

Still to come are checking for clicks on specific links and also jumping to specific steps in the drip (that saves you from repeating certain parts of your logic and having a very wide flow chart).


  • In email marketing, “opens” are typically counted when images are loaded in an email. Because of this, emails can still be read by prospects without an open being registered (if they read the email but never load images, which are often not loaded by default). Conversely, a prospect may have his email client set to load images (which registers an “open”) but deletes your email before reading it.
  • If you want your drip program to check for a click, and if there is no click, check for an open, be sure to put your click condition first (as in the image above).