New Automation Rules based on opportunity fields

You can now run many kinds of rules based on opportunity conditions (opportunity stage, amount, created date, etc.). Opportunity data is created in Pardot when synced down from, created via our API, or created manually. We will be adding native opportunity syncing for SugarCRM, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the near future.

Opportunity Rules

Remember that opportunities and prospects have a many to many relationship.

  1. More than one prospect could be associated with the same opportunity. If an opportunity like this meets the rule criteria, the actions will be applied to each of the associated prospects.
  2. A prospect may be associated with several opportunities. If any of the opportunities (or a combination of their attributes) matches the rule criteria, the prospect will be affected.

To see who is likely to be affected by a set of Automation Rules, we highly recommend running a preview while your rules are in paused mode.