New and improved spam protection added to Pardot forms


Pardot has always used the honeypot technique (hidden form that causes the form submission to fail if filled out) that stopped most spam bots in their tracks. Unfortunately, bots get smarter and smarter (think Terminator 2) so we have evolved with them, first by allowing you to add a captcha to your forms, and now making it so you hopefully never have to think about spam again with Conditional Captchas.

When a visitor hits one of your Pardot-hosted forms or Landing Pages, we ping a database of known spammers in the past year (generally around a half a million active IP addresses). If the visitor is listed (e.g. a known spammer), we display a captcha. If not, we simply display the normal form. This way you can have the security of captcha to stop bots but humans will never see it and your conversion rates won’t suffer.

Activating Pardot’s Conditional Captcha

The best part is that you do not have to do anything to enable this. It’s already live for you (as of about 10 minutes ago).

What if I still get bot spam?

This combined with our existing honeypot method should filter out the nastiest of bots. If you are still getting spam, please let our support team know and we’ll help you out.