Multivariate Test


Multivariate tests are designed to measure the effectiveness of different landing pages over a period of time to determine the top performer.

Note: As of September 10, 2012 this feature is no longer standard with a Professional Edition account.

Creating a New Multivariate Test

  1. Navigate to Marketing in the top navigation.
  2. Mouse over Landing Pages in the resulting sub-navigation.
  3. Click Multivariate Tests.
  4. Click +Add Multivariate Test
  5. Name – Provide a name for this Multivariate Test
  6. Campaign – Select the campaign to which converted prospects will be assigned.
  7. Landing Pages – Select the landing pages to be utilized as part of the test.
  8. Landing Page – Select the defined landing page to be utilized as part of the test
  9. Weighted At – Select the percentage of time that the landing page will be utilized
    NOTE – The total of the “Weighted At” percentages must equal 100%
  10. Add New Landing Page – Select to add additional landing pages to the test.
  11. Click “Create Multivariate Test” to save modifications
  12. Use the “link” generated by Pardot and displayed in the Multivariate Test table as the link to your landing page. Clicking this link will display one of the specified landing pages for the prospect. The different landing pages will appear based on the ratio of time selected for each.
  13. Under Reports > Landing Pages you can view the multivariate statistics including Views, Conversions, Conversion Rate and the Top performing landing page.

Testing your Multivariate Test

When testing your multivariate test you will want to use multiple browsers or ensure you clear your cookies after each test page view. Once cookied, you will continue to be driven to the same landing page version within the multivariate test. This is done for consistency from a user’s perspective. While cookied, if the same person keeps coming back to the page they will only see one version of the multivariate test rather than seeing a new version each time.

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