Much faster Pardot for SugarCRM Install Package Available

We recently released an updated SugarCRM install package (v22) that everyone who uses Pardot with SugarCRM should install.

Why’s it so awesome? For starters, we have done some major optimizations in terms of how Pardot communicates with SugarCRM to make the sync process much faster and more reliable, especially when syncing large amounts of data. However, these optimizations require some new code to be installed on the SugarCRM side, so to get this speed boost you’ll need to grab this latest package.

We also added a minor enhancement related to opportunities – if an opportunity is deleted in SugarCRM, it will be deleted (moved to the Recycle Bin) in Pardot as well.

Follow these instructions to install or upgrade to the latest version of the Pardot for Sugar Installer Package.