Modern Marketing: The Next Generation [Slideshare]

This past weekend, the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise warped its way to over $70 million at the box office, once again showing the appeal of new characters, new technology, and new stories applied to an old paradigm.

However, you don’t need to head to the box office to see exciting updates like these. They are happening every day in modern marketing departments.

Marketing technology seems to be moving at lightspeed, creating new roles, new responsibilities, and new capabilities for the marketing departments bold enough to implement them. Just like the characters in Star Trek, today’s marketers have an almost science fiction-like amount of technology at their fingertips. From the real-time customer communication of social media to the round-the-clock efficiency of marketing automation, marketing has entered an exciting new generation.

Let’s take a closer look at these changes in the paragraphs below and in our newest slideshare presentation, “Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier.”

New Worlds to Explore

Unlike most departments, marketers have the unique opportunity to discover entirely new areas of their discipline as technology evolves. In the past few years alone, marketing has expanded to include social media, big data, mobile marketing, and content marketing, all of which were new and relatively unexplored. Marketers have had the opportunity to explore these new territories together, learning the language of each, and discovering their advantages and disadvantages.

New Team Members

As these new worlds are discovered, they create a need for new team members (or new responsibilities for the existing ones) to manage them. Marketing departments have seen an influx of exciting new talents. From the creative types driving compelling and engaging content, to the number-crunching data experts sifting through endless databases of customer information, marketing is growing into a well-rounded and diverse discipline.

New Tools

As new resources and talents are discovered, marketers are wasting no time in crafting them into a new set of marketing tools.The rise of big data has led to the rise of robust analytics solutions like marketing automation. These solutions provide a complete view of how your campaigns are performing across multiple channels, how efficient your sales funnel is at moving leads to close, and even how your prospects are interacting with your marketing campaigns. In addition, automation does much of the major marketing legwork, automating repetitive tasks like lead qualification and lead nurturing.

Check out the presentation below for even more information on how marketing is moving into a new and exciting generation.