Learn the Latest – Marketing Strategies with 3-D Content Mapping (Webinar-B2B)


Given the amount of content that marketers are tasked with creating in today’s marketing world, it helps to have a clear idea of (1) what types of content to create, (2) why create those pieces, and (3) how to use your content resources to increase and encourage interaction with prospects in your market.

Join Micky Long, Vice President of Arketi Group, and Derek Grant, Sr. Vice President of Sales at Pardot, as they give us an in-depth view of how to use 3-D Content Mapping to increase market reach and show us how to put it all into action. We will learn:

  • How to define the types of content that are effective for your company’s market
  • How to map your content resource use to a marketing plan
  • Examples of simple, yet effective marketing campaigns that will give you the best return for your marketing efforts

Micky Long, Vice President, Arketi Group
Derek Grant, Sr. Vice President of Sales, Pardot