Marketing Resource Center: Calculating ROI

80% of CEOs don’t trust their CMOs, according to a study conducted last year by the Fournaise Group. That’s compared to the 90% of CEOs who say they do trust and value their CFOs and CIOs. So what makes marketers so much harder to trust? The answer is simple: accountability.

Solving Marketing ROI

For years, marketers have struggled to report the return on marketing investment with any degree of confidence. This fiscal ambiguity has kept marketers away from the decision making table for years and created distrust towards marketing performance numbers. But all of that is changing quickly.

Tools like marketing automation are giving marketers the ability to track metrics like contributed revenue, leads generated, and return on investment with 100% certainty. However, these capabilities are still brand new to most marketers and require some explanation. That’s why we’ve created the Marketing ROI Reporting Lab, an interactive site designed to cover everything about ROI reporting from top to bottom.

Whether you are looking to prove your marketing value for the first time or assess your reporting efforts and identify areas of improvement, the ROI Reporting lab is worth a look. Here is a quick preview of what’s inside:

Become a Marketing ROI Expert

marketing ROI tools

Take a look at the ROI Reporting Lab to see how marketing automation can improve sales and marketing alignment, accelerate your sales funnel, increase close rates, and gain added insight into marketing and sales performance. With a better understanding of these processes, you’ll be able to dive into ROI reporting, see which campaigns are contributing to revenue and which are not, and learn how to maximize your marketing efforts — putting you well on your way to becoming an ROI expert.

See How the Process Works

Get a better understanding of how ROI reporting works with helpful graphics that will walk you through the reporting process. From a prospect’s initial visit to your site through activity tracking and closed deals, see how marketing automation can help tie revenue back to the original campaign that created it.

Take the Assessment

Once you’ve worked your way through the lab, take the ROI reporting assessment to see how your reporting efforts stack up. Get definitions for common KPIs like conversions, cost per lead, and opportunities, and see which metrics you should be tracking if you aren’t already. The assessment will help you pinpoint areas where you can improve your reporting efforts, while also showing you what you’re doing well.

Interested in seeing the lab in action? Take it for a spin yourself and see how you can improve your ROI reporting efforts!