Marketing Resolution: Focus on Content

Heading in to 2009, everyone is kicking off new marketing plans, continuing successful initiatives and evaluating last year’s results.

Inspired by my winter vacation reading material, David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” one of my “marketing resolutions” this year will be to focus on enhancing the value of content offered on Pardot’s website while continuing to build more.

When we work with new clients at Pardot, we always encourage people to give careful thought to the content that will be “locked-down” with registration forms. Ensuring that you are offering content that is truly useful to your target audience not only improves your reputation as a thought-leader, but keeps them coming back for more. The more valuable content you have out there, the more opportunities you have to build your prospect database through progressive profiling.

However, before you churn out five new whitepapers and create a few new forms, keep in mind the principles Pardot staffer TJ brought to the table in last week’s blog post- as well as some tips from Adam – on balancing friction to reduce form abandonment. This is where the importance of creating valuable content comes in.

Anyone else have “marketing resolutions” for the new year?