Marketing News: This Week’s Top Stories #video

In case you missed it, here are just a few of the articles and news stories that mattered in the marketing world this week — and some key takeaways for marketers to consider:

Some Businesses Find Opportunity in Government Shutdown


As much of the country is reeling from the government shutdown, some fast-moving companies are taking advantage of the trending story. From D.C. restaurants drumming up business by offering discounts to government employees, to brands publishing related content on social media, modern marketers are taking advantage of agile marketing and newsjacking to turn obstacles into opportunities. Interested in learning more about taking an agile approach marketing?

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Are Comments Ruining Your Blog?


Long time print and web publication Popular Science sparked an interesting debate as they disabled all comments on their web properties. The magazine cited the often negative tone of comments as the reason behind the move, making an effort to improve the overall community around their online properties. While Popular Science is one of the first major publishers to make this move, it may foreshadow a larger shift away from comments, with conversations now taking place on social media.

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New Research on the State of Demand Generation


How well do you understand your buyers and their purchasing processes? We surveyed over 400 B2B marketers to determine just how the purchasing cycle has changed over the past few years, so that you can better engage with and target your buyers.

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