Does Your Marketing Need a Makeover?

The marketing world is changing at a phenomenal rate. New technologies have spurred rapid innovation in techniques, processes, and tools. Keeping your marketing strategy on the cutting edge can make you more efficient and effective.

However, this rapid pace of change can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to even know if your marketing is outdated. To help you know where you stand, we’ve put together a list of 10 red flags that may indicate your marketing needs a re-vamp.

10 Signs Your Marketing Needs a Makeover:

You can’t articulate your strategy
Keeping your team on the same page can be a challenge. A comprehensive strategy should be constantly updated and embraced at all levels.

You are cold calling (and only cold calling)
If your sales team is being forced to make cold calls on a daily basis, you are in trouble. Your marketing should be generating and nurturing warm leads that can then be handed off to sales.

You’re being pressured by Sales
If there is tension between your sales and marketing teams, this is a good sign that something is amiss. You should be able to monitor your marketing results well enough to demonstrate your value to sales and the organization at large.

You are using Direct Mail
It’s time to give it up and save the paper. Direct mailing is an inefficient strategy for most businesses. Use drip marketing for greater targeting abilities to make your message more relevant.

You don’t care about SEO
No matter your industry, potential clients are looking for you online. Optimizing your web presence to make yourself easy to find is crucial.

You don’t know your ROI
The age where marketing was not responsible for knowing their ROI is over. You should be utilizing analytics to effectively track your success in all channels.

You aren’t producing content
In the age of new media, content is king. Large brands like Nike and Coke have already shifted to more content based strategies.

Your social media is not a dialogue
You are already using social media, but you may not be utilizing it correctly. Social media channels are not used simply to broadcast your brand. You should be creating a conversation with your customers.

You aren’t developing relationships
If you aren’t producing content or creating dialogues with your customers, you aren’t developing relationships that lead to loyalty and advocacy.

You aren’t focused on retention
Focusing on closing sales is great, but you can’t ignore the customers you already have. Developing engaging material for your existing clients will help prevent turnover.

Does your marketing pass the test? What improvements are you making in 2012? We’d love to hear from you!