Show Us Your #MarketingHappyDance

Picture this: Your team has been collaborating for weeks on a new marketing campaign, and it’s finally ready for launch. You’re a little nervous; it’s the first time you’ve tried a campaign like this, and you’re not sure how successful it will be. But the time has come, so you hit “send” on your first nurture email — and then you wait.

Within minutes, you get a response. A cold lead you haven’t heard from in nearly a year has responded to your email asking for a product demo!

A funny tingle starts in your toes, then works its way up through your feet, your legs, and your torso. Suddenly you can’t sit still. Your fingers are tapping on the desk, and “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates starts playing in your head. It’s happy dance time.

Show Us Your #MarketingHappyDance!

Whether your happiest marketing moment is reviving a cold lead or the aftermath, when your manager orders tacos to celebrate the campaign launch, we want to see how you celebrate. Record a quick clip of your marketing happy dance and send it our way via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MarketingHappyDance. We just might send you a little something to make you smile in return.

Need some inspiration? The Salesforce Pardot team and a few of our friends have been perfecting our own personal marketing happy dances. Take a look at our funky moves in the video below — and then show us yours.

Happy dancing, marketers!