Are You Marketing with the Dynamic Duo? #SlideShare

Wondering how you can gain a competitive edge with your marketing? The answer isn’t as complicated as you would think.

Rising above the competition doesn’t necessarily mean increasing headcount, resources, or the number of marketing programs you’re running. Often, it comes down to the tools at your disposal, like a CRM or email marketing platform. Having tools that can help you do more work with fewer resources can make the difference between an everyday marketing program and a truly exceptional one.

Marketing automation is one such tool that can take your marketing from good to great — and it integrates seamlessly with the systems you may already be using. Integrating your CRM with marketing automation can help ease tensions between marketing and sales, improve your close rates, and accelerate the funnel through:

  • improved lead qualification
  • automated lead assignment
  • more targeted messaging
  • behavioral tracking
  • real-time activity alerts
  • lead nurturing, and more.

If you’d like a deeper look at how marketing automation and CRMs work together, check out the SlideShare presentation below (and take a look at our free white paper, Marketing Automation & Your CRM: The Dynamic Duo“).