A First Look at the Marketing Cloud

In the B2B world this week, scarcely a day has gone by without some coverage of salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference sneaking into our news feeds and social streams.

With over 70,000 in attendance and an all-star lineup of speakers, it’s little wonder why so much attention is being given to the event. However, one of the most highly anticipated events of the conference regarded the Salesforce product itself. I’m talking about the first look at Salesforce’s “Marketing Cloud.”

The Marketing Cloud represents the highly anticipated integration of recent social acquisitions Radian6 and Buddy Media. With much of the B2B world still hesitant about jumping into the social media pond, the billion dollar investment made by Salesforce in these two companies has been regarded as a major step in the development of a true social CRM. So what is this marketing cloud going to look like?

Truly Social Marketing

When it comes to marketing vs. social marketing, the distinction is no longer productive. Marc Benioff, salesforce’s CEO, is convinced that all marketing is now social and a product like salesforce should have social monitoring, sentiment analysis, posting, and advertising baked right in. The marketing cloud delivers just that.

For a more comprehensive overview, check out the graphic below:

The marketing cloud represents a tremendous opportunity for marketing automation users as well. With tight integration, data from the marketing cloud can be easily employed to supplement prospect records with an automation suite.

With access to improved social data, automation campaigns can experience improved accuracy and effectiveness, while marketing and sales users alike can benefit from social intelligence.