Marketing Automation: Myth vs. Fact

When you hear the phrase “marketing automation,” it’s tempting to imagine a team of robots controlling your marketing efforts via computers and remote servers. Marketing automation is often construed as being mechanical, cold and impersonal — in fact, the very term “marketing automation” can seem ambiguous and, frankly, a little intimidating.

Let’s get a better picture of what marketing automation really means by sorting through some common myths and facts:

Myth #1: Only big businesses can use marketing automation.

Fact: The fastest growing segment of marketing automation users is actually small businesses. Many solutions, including Pardot, are specifically catered to the SMB market, meaning that the product has been created with that market in mind.

Myth #2: Marketing automation is impersonal.

Fact: Just because it automates a lot of your marketing processes, that doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. In fact, marketing automation gives you the opportunity to add more personal touches to your campaigns, like personalized emails that come directly from specific members of your sales team, even if they’re automatically generated. Plus, by automating some basic tasks, you free up your time to spend more time interacting with your clients and prospects!

Myth #3: Marketing automation is difficult to implement.

Fact: Many companies, us included, have HUGE teams dedicated solely to implementation. Keep in mind that you’re not expected to have to use a marketing automation system on your own right out of the box. Taking advantage of free training sessions, webinars, help centers, and your assigned implementation specialist. Depending on the size of your company and your marketing and sales teams, you can launch your first campaign within a few weeks.

Myth #4: Marketing automation is expensive.

Fact: Marketing automation platforms often come with tiered pricing, which means that you can choose the package that best fits your budget and needs. Some companies even offer month-to-month pricing so that you aren’t locked into an annual contract — plus they offer free implementation. Plus, there are vendors out there for all different companies, from small businesses to huge enterprises. Remember, even though you’re paying a fee, marketing automation platforms can increase ROI through higher quality leads and higher conversion rates.

Myth #5: A lot of technical skill is needed to use a marketing automation system.

Fact: While at first marketing automation platforms may seem daunting, they’re made to be used by people with varying degrees of technical skill. For example, many email editors have the option of either choosing a pre-made email template or creating a template from scratch using HTML. Marketing automation softwares are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, so that you can operate them in-house without having to hire additional resources to manage them.

Knowing the difference between myth and fact can help take away some of the hesitation when it comes to adopting a marketing automation system. Have you heard of any other myths that need debunking?

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