Marketing Automation + CRM: Understanding the Dynamic Duo

The idea of integrating marketing automation with a CRM platform is no new topic for our blog.

We’ve talked previously about the differences between the two platforms, how they work together, and why you need both. We’ve written blog posts, published white papers, designed infographics, and animated videos like the one below to clarify differences and explain the integration.

But as we kick off the month of October, we’re excited to announce that our content theme for the next four weeks will be (you guessed it) the marketing automation + CRM dream team. Why revisit this topic? Well, for one reason, we know we have plenty more to say on the specifics of how to the two work together, the integration process, and helpful best practices. But more importantly, we continue to revisit this topic because we know the proper use of these two tools in tandem is at the heart of our central goal here at Pardot: sales-marketing alignment.

So, throughout the month of October, among our usual B2B marketing insights and marketing automation best practices information (and, of course, some exciting Dreamforce 2014-related content), keep an eye on our blog for posts dealing with questions like:

1. What are the differences between these two platforms, and what makes them complementary tools?

2. How can marketing automation help me see more value from my CRM?

3. How will data sync between my marketing automation platform and CRM?

4. What will the integration process look like?

5. How will my sales team benefit from the data collected in my marketing automation platform?

6. How will my marketing team benefit from the integration of these two platforms?

Can’t wait to get started? Check out the resources below for an introduction to the marketing automation and CRM dream team. And be sure to leave your requests for what you’d like to read more about in our comments section!