CRM & Automation: The New Dream Team #video

There is no shortage of marketing and sales tools these days. It seems like there is no problem a business can encounter that isn’t claimed to be solved by a handful of new tools.

However, marketers and sales teams alike need to begin focusing on integrating their disparate tool sets, otherwise they may find themselves spread too thin between their tools, making it difficult to see the complete picture and execute quickly.

To help allay any fears that your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms may be those tools tugging you in two different directions, we’ve created the new eBook, “Marketing Automation and Your CRM: The Dynamic Duo,” and made it free for download. Learn how your CRM and automation tools work together to provide more clarity and insight, more comprehensive prospect profiles, and more efficient sales and marketing processes — all with simple, straight forward integration.

Check out the video above for a quick overview of the dynamic duo, and download the full eBook to start integrating your most valuable tools today!


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