Marketing Automation Campaigns – Everything You Need to Know (Webinar-B2B)


This is the all-around, gotta have it webinar on marketing campaigns – jam-packed, one after another – 15 campaign ideas! Did I say “15”? I said 15 (fifteen)! If you are a marketer – newbie, intermediate or advanced – this is a must see. You’ve got your basics down with good, solid, straightforward marketing campaigns. Great! Let’s try something new and different:

  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Trade Show Kiosks
  • Advanced Social Engagement
  • Dynamic Content

Join us in this one-hour webinar with Mathew Sweezey (Sr. Sales Manager at Pardot) and take your campaigns and campaign results above and beyond!

Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Manager, Pardot

Mathew Sweezey is a leading expert in marketing automation, specifically lead flow analysis and nurturing execution. His primary focus is in advanced lead nurturing workflows. He has worked with numerous lead technology companies, helping them create and execute their lead flow and nurturing processes.