Marketing Automation and the Landing Page Wonder Wheel

I recently read a great article about evaluating your own landing pages.  The article, 8 Dimensions of Excellent Landing Pages, uses a wheel composed of 8 topics to rate your landing pages.  I used it to test some of our own landing pages to see how they fared.  Overall I found that it is very simple to have extremely well-done landing pages.

I am going to go through the eight dimensions and briefly explain the criteria behind each and how marketing automation can help you improve your ranking.

1.  Message match:  When you advertise you want to make sure that your landing page matches the advertisement.  It is confusing for prospects when the landing page is either a more general or more specific topic than they had originally been researching.  In order to improve on this dimension, keep your ads and connected landing pages to specific topics.  Prospect Insight makes it easy to create numerous landing pages that you can sync with certain campaigns in order to keep track of their progress.

2.  Visual design:  With landing pages you need to make a good first impression while still matching your brand.  Fortunately, with Prospect Insight you don?t have to know code or be a graphic designer to create a visually pleasing design.  The simple builders make it easy to create a clean impressive look in little time.

3.  Depth:  This dimension is about the content on your landing page.  Keep it informational versus creating a sales pitch.  Also keep it tailored to the specific topic.

4.  Freshness:  Keeping landing pages fresh and updated is another important dimension.  With marketing automation it is simple to update any aspect of a landing page at any time.

5.  Interactivity:  Interaction is a good tool to help visitors feel involved.  Include forms to allow prospects to request a white paper.  Forms are easy to build in Prospect Insight and they make your landing pages interactive.

6.  Launch speed:  Time is of the essence, the sooner you have a landing page the sooner you can reel in new prospects.  Within Prospect Insight?s landing page builder you can create a page in four simple steps and it will automatically go live when you finish the process.

7.  Non-conversion value:  It is important to analyze your conversion rate from each landing page.  Marketing automation enables you to track prospects, which landing pages they view, and any data they enter into a form field.  Both conversions and non-conversions can be tracked and then put on nurturing paths.

8.  Boldness:  Testing and trying different ideas helps you determine which methods work best for your company and your target market.  In Prospect Insight you can easily create numerous pages to test.  Then use the reporting tools to see which page had the best results.

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