Marketers Are From Mars [INFOGRAPHIC]


Marketers are different.

If you’ve ever tried to convince your friends of the business value of Pinterest or struggled to get your family to listen as you exhault the virtues of a great campaign you just saw, you know what I’m talking about.

In the B2B world, this uncommon thirst for knowledge and desire to find the next big thing keeps the entire industry moving forward. But these differences become a problem if you are creating content and campaigns based on your own interests and habits. As Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget puts it, “marketers must avoid being a focus group of one.”

To help marketers avoid this personal bias and market to customers with great impact and accuracy, ExactTarget has released a new study, Marketers From Mars, focused on how marketers differ from our consumer counterparts in channel usage, opinions, and habits.

The key takeaways of the full report are summarized in the infographic below and are worth a look for any marketer looking to better understand their audience. Check it out!

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This infographic is brought to you by ExactTarget, a leader in social media marketing.