A Marketer’s Guide to Halloween

Looking for some fun, Halloween-inspired content?

It’s no secret that we take Halloween pretty seriously here at Pardot  — and I’m not just referring to our yearly costume parade (yes, we really do that). Once a year, our blog tends to take on a certain theme, inspired by our favorite holiday.

Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Halloween-themed posts and the lessons that marketers can learn from them.

Beware the zombie lead!

Both this year and last, we’ve warned against the dangers of the infamous zombie lead — a lead who will devour your time and resources with no real intention of buying your product (there may be some moaning and foot-dragging, too). So how do you keep these leads from haunting your sales funnel? Lead scoring and grading can help you spot these leads early on, and possibly even bring them back to life. For the complete guide to keeping zombie leads at bay, check out our infographic, “How to Fend Off Zombie Leads.


A cold lead isn’t always a dead lead.

Just because a lead is dragging his or her feet and displaying zombie lead-like characteristics doesn’t mean you should give up on them entirely! You invest a lot of time and money into generating leads, so place cold leads on a nurturing track to educate them over time. Once they start to exhibit signs of life, you can pass them over to a sales rep — and you’ll have already kickstarted the relationship-building process. Read more about the importance of building relationships in our post, “Marketing Secrets Behind the World’s Scariest Haunted Houses.”


Your leads are as varied as their Halloween alter egos?

?but you still need to be able to cater to their individual interests. Prospect tracking allows you to recognize certain patterns and personas (warning: some are scarier than others) in your leads, to help you better understand their interests and needs. Check out our “10 Scariest Sales Leads” infographic to see just a few types of lead personas you may encounter.


Have the best candy—ahem, content—on the block.

With inbound marketing on the rise, you need enticing content to draw prospects to your site. And with an already-crowded content marketplace, you need truly helpful and targeted content in order to stand out from the crowd. Don’t end up being the house that trick-or-treaters skip — and check out our article, “Lead Generation Tips From Trick-or-Treaters”!


Happy Halloween from all of us here at Pardot!

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