Marketers Can Maintain Strong Relationships With Remote Sales Teams

Now that many of us are working remotely, marketers are challenged with finding new ways to enable their sales teams to continue to generate pipeline, nurture relationships, and close deals.

Growth is still possible, however, overcoming the lack of in person connection requires creative collaboration and innovation.

Computer showing virtual meeting and coffee mug

Here are some of our tips and tricks to help sales and marketing teams unite around a shared strategy.


  • Product Enablement. With three product releases per year, we package our enablement for our sales teams and new representative onboarding. 
  • Pipeline Program or Workshop. Targeted enablement drives pipeline and revenue. For example, if an industry with a certain set of accounts has a propensity to buy certain products, we provide our sales team with enablement and a list of accounts so they can reach out to customers about beneficial products. 
  • Buyer Persona Education. It is important to enable your team to better understand and connect with your buyers.


Prior to COVID, we had a mix of content – virtual, on-demand, and in-person workshops working together in concert. Because we can’t get people in a room to unpack our products, we had to re-imagine our enablement. 

Here are a few things that worked: 

  • Re-tool content. We created bite sized, on demand enablement videos including learning objective statements from our existing content. Each chapter was included in a curated enablement playlist to make it easy for the team to access. 
  • Test knowledge. We tested the effectiveness of our enablement with quizzes.
  • Measurement. We did some light gating on videos to understand how the team was engaging with the content and to have a reference for tracking to actual sales. 
  • Feedback. We always seek feedback on enablement so we can capture what works well and what needs improvement. Our international sellers loved on-demand enablement because subtitles helped reduce the language barrier. 

The biggest takeaway from this virtual experience is to embrace video wherever possible – training, enablement, team meetings, working sessions, on-demand content. This curated Trailmix includes additional takeaways to help you Succeed as a Marketer From Anywhere


Chief Marketing Officer at InsideView and Author of Aligned to Achieve, Tracy Eiler, shares some universal truths in sales and marketing to improve the virtual environment. 

Tracy is a firm believer that marketing exists to soften the ground for sales and enable sellers to help buyers buy, even in times of crisis. 

In the current climate, InsideView used five key tactics to stay on course with its employees, enablement, and engagement with customers: 

  1. Sales cafe. Pre-COVID, the sales cafe was a bi-monthly one-hour long briefing for sales. To adapt, they increased the briefing frequency, trimmed the segments of learning to 30 minutes, and amped up the energy. 
  2. Conduct quick virtual stand-ups. Regular, quick meetings are a great pulse check for health and well being of the team. 
  3. Revisit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). InsideView took a fresh look at ICP’s to identify customers that may need help adapting. 
  4. Nurture customer care programs. Key customers received a DoorDash coupon to enjoy a complimentary dinner (no strings attached). 
  5. Enable for empathy. It’s vital to enable your team to connect with your customers in an empathetic way.

Something else that is valuable for InsideView is good data. Data Can Unlock Creativity and Drive Alignment, however, many organizations struggle with data quality.

Five steps to take today to improve data: 

  1. Assess the quality of your CRM data.
  2. Schedule a recurring sales and marketing meeting.
  3. Introduce the concept of marketing taking some responsibility for the pipeline.
  4. Collaborate on the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  5. Calculate your own “inefficiency” cost. 

Even when you can’t move forward together in person, your sales and marketing teams can overcome the physical barriers and work together to move your prospects forward through the funnel. 

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