Major speed increases across the app

We feel the need. The need for speed!

You may have noticed that the app got a lot snappier over the past week. We have been working on both code changes and hardware updates to really improve performance in certain areas of Pardot.

Solid State Drives

If you have used a new Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, you know what a difference solid state drives (SSD) can make in terms of speed. You just open your computer and it’s on. No spinning… no crazy noises. It’s just fast. SSDs are now at the point where you can get them with both tremendous storage and performance and can add them to database servers. We recently replaced the spinning disk drives on each of our database shards (the cluster of database servers that serve your account) with new SSDs and the performance has been terrific. It’s great to boost the responsiveness of the UI just by changing out hard drives.

Nerd Alert: If you are interested, we have these raided for maximum redundancy in the case of a drive (or drives) failing.

Email Table Speed Up

Loading up the email table (filtered to All Sent Email) used to be pretty sluggish. We have sped it up in a couple of ways and it is now much faster.

  1. We no longer show an exact count of pages in the table (you can still go to previous or next but can’t skip to a certain page number). This is very similar to what does with large tables and it has a major impact on speed.
  2. Nerd alert: We also added a database index or two to speed things up.

Visitor Table Speed Up

We have similarly sped up the visitor report, which was previously fairly slow for very large accounts (since it pulls every visitor…ever). We now use a different querying/searching technology (Nerd alert: it’s called SOLR) similar to what we use for segmentation rule previews, searches in the app, etc. It crunches a lot of data very quickly.

What if something is slow as molasses?

We think of speed as a feature (an important one). If something is ever slow as, well, molasses, let our support team know.