Mad Men vs. Marketers: How the Art of Influence Has Evolved [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s no doubt that AMC’s hit television show Mad Men has cast a spotlight on the advertising and marketing industries during its 5-year run. The intrigue inherent in the glamorous age of advertising has made the show a must-watch for millions of avid viewers, both marketers and drama addicts alike. However, the TV show depicts an advertising profession that was just coming into its own, miles behind the marketing and advertising that we know today.

Marketing has come a long way since the era of Mad Men. Better informed and more engaged consumers have compelled marketers to change strategies from pushing marketing messages out to audiences, to pulling them in with valuable content, personal contact via social media, and personalized sales experiences via marketing automation. Marketing has been forced to change and adapt alongside changing technologies and evolving consumer tastes.

The infographic below illustrates just how far marketing and advertising have come over the past 50 years. The advances in technology, communication, and strategy have led to a modern day marketer that the 1960s Mad Men would find almost unrecognizable. Let’s take a look at exactly how the profession has evolved.

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