Low-Cost Consumer Insights

MarketingDaily posted some tips on cost-free ways to gain insight in to the mind of your customers. This can be a great way to discover common pain points and learn what happens on the journey to purchase. It is also an important way to learn more about your product lifecyle, develop product improvements and identify opportunities to up-sell your customers.

Two of the suggestions that really stood out to me are:

Tap in to your salesforce: Your sales team is on the front line every day, talking to prospects and chatting with current customers. If anyone has the insider take on what prospects are looking for, its them. Of course, historically, marketing and sales have had a bit of sibling rivalry going on, but it is important to start building an internal plan that takes in to account the unique perspective sales can contribute.

Monitor blogs: Monitor your own blogs. Monitor your competitors blogs. Monitor industry blogs. Listen to what people are saying – and what they are asking for. This is another great way to tailor your content to what’s going on in the industry and hit home with topics that are truly applicable to what consumers need.

One more I would add, in the vein of monitoring blogs, is to monitor your company name and key industry terms on Twitter. It is another great way to keep up with what’s going on in your space, connect with current customers and help educate the market.