Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Finding the right customers can be a lot like looking for love. Where should you look? Who should you pursue? What are the best strategies?

There are plenty of marketers that pursue the “Dive Bar” strategy of lead generation — they’ll get phone numbers from anyone and everyone, anytime, and pass these unqualified-leads-on-cocktail-napkins on to Sales in the hopes that one or two might become a customer “love connection.” But what really happens is that your salesperson goes on a cold-calling binge and ends up hating themselves in the morning, leaving you, their Marketing BFF, feeling like you should have done something differently…like setting them up with nicer, more respectable leads that you met at your grandma’s church picnic.

Don’t stoop to this level. Be intelligent about your search, and know when to pass on less-than-ideal opportunities. Don’t just throw yourself at every lead that walks by. Your company and product deserves better than a dive bar.

Pardot strongly suggests that you follow the “Match.com” strategy instead. Start by devising an “Ideal Customer” profile. Who is your “dream-date” customer? What qualities do they need to have to make your business relationship work for the long haul? What are their needs, and how can you satisfy them? Just as being choosy with your prospective dates can yield huge relationship dividends later on, so can scoring and grading leads help you separate the wheat from the chaff and pursue those prospects that would make the most ideal customers.

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  • Stop looking for sales love in all the wrong places, and let Pardot help you make a customer “love connection.”