London and Toronto User Group Meetings – Q2 2013

Calling all clients and partners in the London and Toronto areas! We are excited to invite you to the Q2 2013 London and Toronto User Group meetings, to be held in June, 2013.

These meetings are great opportunities to:
– Learn about the latest in Pardot features and functionality
– Enjoy interacting with fellow Pardot u- sers
– Participate in relevant round-table group discussions on audience-chosen topics

The meetings are also great times to share what has worked for you in your use of the Pardot system, as well as learning and being inspired by fellow marketers in how they approach marketing, too!

Refreshments will be provided at each meeting, and seating is limited. Please reserve your free ticket now:

Toronto User Group Meeting – 19 June 2013
London User Group Meeting – 20 June 2013

Looking forward to seeing you there!