LinkedIn’s New White Paper Feature

You have white papers and forms to begin your lead nurturing process, but you need more leads coming in.  LinkedIn understands the difficulty in attracting prospects and is working to offer a solution.  The professional networking site realizes they are in a prime position for linking the business world and therefore have decided to offer a new feature.  The new option allows you to put your white papers on their site and expand your presence.  The question is will this benefit your company and is it worth a try?

The new platform was launched by LinkedIn only a few weeks ago.  It works by turning your white papers into ads to target professionals.  The members then click on the link and are directed to a form within LinkedIn that asks for some contact information.  The white paper is free to members, and as the sponsor of the white paper you will be charged per lead.

I haven’t tried the new tool out yet, but I have seen a sample form.  From what I could tell the form was a little lengthy, but I am unaware if you can customize your own form to your needs.  Overall I think the new white paper feature is a smart move on LinkedIn’s part, although many other users would disagree.  The networking platform is a great tool for connecting to others in the business world, so why not use it to attract more leads.