LinkedIn Networking Tips from

Since nearly a third of the B2B marketers we surveyed last fall named LinkedIn as the most effective social media outlet for generating leads, we’re following up last week’s post on LinkedIn groups with a few tips for making LinkedIn connections from

Here are the highlights from the post:

Adding new connections – If you want to expand your network and connect with people you don’t already know, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration to help improve your chances of your connection requests being accepted:

  • A complete profile – The bare minimum won’t cut it. Make sure your profile is up-to-date, highlights your skills and experience, and you have a professional headshot so you make a good first impression.
  • Join and participate in groups – Join groups that fit well with your interests and industry (the ones we recommended last week are a great start!) and interact with other members. Respond to group questions honestly to add value to the discussions, being mindful not to pitch your company too much.
  • Personalize your connection requests – The connection process on LinkedIn is a two way street – you invite someone to connect and the recipient must approve it. Requesting a connection with someone you do not know without providing any details about why you’re doing so won’t get you far in the long run. Taking the time to explain why you want to connect and how you heard about that person will demonstrate that you value the recipient’s time and the potential relationship, and that it could be mutually beneficial.

Thank you – Send a quick thank you message once someone accepts your connection request. It may seem trivial, but it shows you value their time and sets you apart from other members.

Introductions – Network with even more members by utilizing your connections. Use the “get introduced through a connection” feature to send a message to a mutual connection requesting an introduction if you have something in common.

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