LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Companies are always trying to find innovative ways to generate new business. One place that is often overlooked is LinkedIn. Known for its networking capabilities, LinkedInis also a new way to generate leads with a lot of potential. Here are some quick tips for getting started with this great tool.

New Prospects
There are two ways to use LinkedIn to find new prospects. First you can look within your contacts and their networks. A great advantage of LinkedIn is that you can see profiles of people that you are not directly connected with. This will allow you to look at different people within an organization and choose who you would like to get in contact with based on their position and fit with your company. One application that is very useful on LinkedIn is “get introduced through a connection” which allows you to ask a mutual connection to introduce you to a prospect. This will give you a better chance of making contact with a prospect because it will not be a random request.

Groups are another way to find new prospects. They allow you to build your contact list and enhance communication with prospects. You can join a pre-existing group which allows you to view all of the group members profiles, search for keywords such as “vp” in their profiles, and even post new discussions and news related to the group. You can also create a new group on LinkedIn which would attract people interested in the industry and provide another pool of prospects. When you add valuable information to the conversation you are viewed as an industry expert and you can begin to develop relationships based on trust rather than a sales pitch.

Current Prospects

LinkedIn is a great way to learn more about your current prospects. Prospect Insight has a connector that allows users to search their prospects in LinkedIn from the prospect list. It allows you to learn more about them and their company, and can help determine if they a qualified lead. There is even the possibility that you have a connection with this person through your network which could work to your advantage.

LinkedIn is a great outlet to take networking to the next level. It is unmarked territory that allows companies to put themselves out there as well as research prospects which they may not have come in contact with otherwise.