Link Tracking in Emails


Pardot uniquely tracks links in emails to the recipient, allowing you to determine who clicked on your links and track any further activity on your website.

When you click the Send button on an ad-hoc list email, email in the app to an individual prospect, email using one of our email client plug-ins, or a form autoresponder or drip email is sent on your behalf, all links beginning with http, https, or populated by a variable tag, e.g. %%unsubscribe%%, are automatically rewritten using your tracker sub-domain (typically assuming that your domain name is

Because these links are unique to each recipient, it can cause very occasional false positives in the event that the email is forwarded. If for example, Prospect A forwards his email to Prospect B and Prospect B clicks a link, it will appear as though Prospect A has taken the action.

Prevent a link from being tracked

To prevent a link from being tracked you have two options. The first is to remove http from the beginning of your link before sending your email. The second is to edit the HTML source code of the email template and surround your link with a block quote.

Note: By default Yahoo! Mail doesn’t accept links that begin www. and requires the full http URL.  If your prospect base is using Yahoo! Mail, you may want to consider including http on all your links.  Don’t know if they are using Yahoo? Our advanced email analytics can help you find out.

Hiding Tracked Links

Any URL beginning with http:// (or https://) will be rewritten and tracked. You can “hide” tracked links in your emails by placing your URLs behind text as hyperlinks. This can be done in the Pardot Email Wizard via the “hyperlink” button, or directly in the source code of your email:

<a href=""></a>

This allows you to track clicks in your email, without the recipient seeing the re-written link.

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