What You Can Learn from Facebook’s Secret Marketing Platform


It seems like Facebook is always up to something, doesn’t it?

Late last month was no exception as Techcrunch published an article shedding some light on an under-the-radar new Facebook platform dubbed “Facebook Publishing Garage.” Sounds intriguing, right? Here’s the scoop.

TechCrunch writer Ingrid Lunden did some detective work and found out a little more information about this secret new program. Facebook Publishing Garage is a workshop for some of Facebook’s largest brands, designed to develop an enhanced and optimized publishing experience for the brand. These brands work directly with Facebook and their agencies to deliver the improved publishing platforms. Although the participating brands and their results are still under wraps, participation is thought to be limited to Facebook’s top advertisers and largest brands.

The Publishing Garage is the result of a very simple concept more businesses need to realize:

Your best customers will stay customers if you make sure they are using your product or platform effectively.

You want your best customers to get the most out of your product and set an example for others. Too often, companies go for the quick win, closing a deal and abandoning customers to fend for themselves. This strategy is bad business in an age of empowered consumers with many alternatives.

For Facebook, this type of program will keep their big spenders spending more. For you, it could create happier, loyal customers. So how can you create a “Publishing Garage” type setup of your own? Here are two essential steps.

Focus on Continued Education

The training and continued education of your new clients should always be a top priority after a new deal is signed. The Publishing Garage shows that this is certainly a big priority for even big companies like Facebook. There are a few different ways you can go about educating your customers.

Good: Creating content like podcasts and blog posts are easy ways to keep your clients up to speed on your product. Having an up-to-date knowledge base will also help your clients to educate themselves.

Better: Webinars are a terrific channel for training on basic techniques or advanced tactics. Pardot runs training webinars daily, but even holding a webinar once a week can make a difference.

Best: Hosting in-person user groups, in addition to your content and webinars, is the best way to expose your clients to new ideas, techniques, and the chance to learn from other users of your product. Immersing your clients in this type of environment will help keep them excited and motivated to use your product.

Best In Class Service

We’ve written countless times about the importance of support, and it plays an key role in the happiness of your clients as well. The Publishing Garage is a big step in the direction of improved service from Facebook. Here are a few ways you can deliver an exceptional user experience through your service.

Good: Have responsive support that not only fixes issues, but explains how they happened and if they can be prevented.

Better: Companies like Pardot also have dedicated team members to serve as advocates for each client. This involves check-in calls, strategy meetings, and anything else that can create a better user experience for a customer.

Best: Go above and beyond for your clients whenever you can. Implement their ideas and requests in your product, go beyond the call of duty on a support case, or just make them smile. A little bit of extra effort means an awful lot to a client.

Although Facebook certainly does not always get their business strategy right, the new Facebook Publishing Garage certainly seems to be focused on the right goals. The success of a company is inextricably linked to the success of its clients. The more you can do to make your clients rockstars with your product, the more success you will see as a company.

Image Source: Addie Marino