LeadDeck updated with cleaner interface and 50 rows of data

We have received a lot of great feedback on LeadDeck, our desktop app for real-time prospect and visitor monitoring, since launching it last fall. We took your suggestions to heart and have rereleased it:

  1. The app now shows up to 50 rows of visitors/prospects instead of only 10.
  2. Notifications are more readable and clicking them pulls up LeadDeck, even when minimized/docked.
  3. Columns can now be moved to the left or right (and still hidden/deleted as before).
  4. The overall look of the app is slicker, with the various lookup icons hidden under the magnifying glass.
  5. The app has been rewritten in Adobe Flex, making future updates much faster for our development team.

Please remember that all of the action links (lookup in Jigsaw, LinkedIn, etc.) are now under the magnifying glass next to the prospect or visitor name.

Please contact support (at) pardot.com if you have any questions about accessing the app.