Lead Scoring 101: How to Build a Hierarchy [Infographic]

More and more marketers are implementing lead scoring programs to rank prospects against one another, smooth the lead flow, and build a range of business rules, from ownership to activities. In fact, 44% of marketers have a lead scoring program in place, according to Lattice Engines.

If you haven’t yet begun your lead scoring program, or you’re in the process of building one out, a sample hierarchy is a great place to start. While there are many ways to go about it, you can always build from a basic hierarchy, and add and tweak from there.

Here are some scoring ideas for behaviors or interactions a lead may have with your brand:

  • Contacted Sales via web form: 30 points
  • Called Sales: 30 points
  • Attended a sponsored conference session: 20 points
  • Expressed product need/preference via interactive content: 20 points
  • Installed a free app: 15 points
  • Downloaded an ebook: 10 points
  • Visited a pricing page: 5 points
  • Mentioned you on Twitter: 5 points
  • Came to your conference booth: 5 points
  • Visited your website: 5 points
  • Unsubscribed from your email list: -5 points

Depending on how they score will help you determine what to do next, as well as their potential for becoming a customer. For instance:

  • 0 lead score = no engagement at all. That’s usually a sign of either no interest or bad data, such as the wrong email address.
  • Slowly ascending lead score = signals promising leads that might respond to the right promotional offer
  • Quickly rising lead score = indicates an immediate handoff to Sales
  • Nearly maxed or maxed all points = handoff to Sales

In this infographic created by RingLead and SnapApp, you’ll get more details on creating a lead scoring hierarchy.

How does this differ from the lead scoring program you have in place? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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