Lead Queues


Queues is a feature available to users that allows you to integrate prospect assignments with your current workflow. Rather than assigning to a specific user in Pardot, you can choose to assign leads to a queue and then use your CRM workflow or manual method of distributing leads to sales representatives. Queues allow you to use the benefits of Pardot lead management with out disrupting your existing workflow.

Integrating Your Queues

  1. Navigate to Administration and select Users and Groups
  2. In the Queues table, select + Create new queue

NOTE: You must have an active connector to integrate Queues. If your connector is not set up, the Queues table will be hidden.

  1. Select a queue from the dropdown menu. If you have recently created your queue and you don’t see it in the dropdown menu, click the green “refresh” arrow to refresh your list.
  2. Repeat for each queue you want to integrate

Assigning to Queues

You can assign prospects to queues just as you would a user or a group. Assignment can be done automatically using automation rules, completion actions or manually via the prospect profile.

Prospects will remain assigned to the queue until they are reassigned in When prospects are assigned to a sales representative in, the assignment will sync with Pardot to update lead ownership.