Layout Templates


A layout template controls the style of various web elements managed by Pardot. Layout Templates are used for landing pages, forms, and site search results.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages > Layout Templates.
  2. Click the + Add Layout Template button.
  3. Enter a Name that will be used internally to organize your templates. Use something descriptive (e.g., “Site Search Results Layout”) if you plan to use multiple layout templates. This will help you keep track of which template controls the styling for each of your marketing elements.
  4. The Layout tab controls the look and feel of your marketing elements using HTML and CSS. Simply enter %%content%% wherever you would like for the form, site search results, or landing page opening general content to appear within your design. You may also use %%title%% to pull in the title of the landing page and %%description%% to pull in a description from you landing page. See Variable Tags below for more details.
  5. You can also import your styling by clicking Import layout from URL. Simply enter the URL and click Import now. You will need to edit the output by qualifying any URLs as they will all need to be absolute instead of relative (e.g., change “/images/image.gif” to something like ““).
  6. The Form and Site Search tabs consist of Pardot substitution logic statement, illustrating how the various form fields, content, and other elements will be displayed. Advanced users can customize this logic based on their business needs.

Variable Tags

There are three Pardot variable tags you may add to your layout template.

  • %%title%% — The %%title%% variable tag will pull in the title for the page. For landing pages, the title entered in step 1 when creating a landing page will replace the %%title%%. Pardot will fill in the title for your unsubscribe and email preference center pages.
  • %%content%% — Enter the %%content%% variable tag where you would like the form, site search results, or landing page opening general content to appear within your design.
  • %%description%% — The %%description%% variable tag can be added to the head section of your layout template. This will pull in the description that is added in step 1 of the creating a landing page. See the Increasing Your SEO through Tags article for more details.