Launching a Webinar Program To Drive Lead Generation

Let’s face it – the first time most marketers dive into the world of webinars, they have NO idea what to expect. Webinars are a living, breathing thing, and you have to be organized, yet flexible. Process-oriented, yet agile.

Easier said than done, right? Here are a few tips that will keep you on top of your webinar game, and it all starts with the basics.

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Webinars can be as difficult as you want to make them (and I’ve seen plenty of marketers do this a bazillion times!). Over-building and over-complicating an already challenging process and effort burns out a lot of marketers before they even get started on the path to webinar success. So keep efforts simple and manageable, especially if you are just starting out with webinars.

PRO TIP: Stay focused and keep in mind scaling your program. For the first few webinar efforts, host a topic that will hold a good level of familiarity with your audience (and one that your speaker is well-versed in).

  • Run a webinar with a smaller audience size, and increase in numbers as your webinar efforts grow. This will aid in scaling your webinar program comfortably and give plenty of opportunities to adjust along the way.
  • Keep campaign activities focused and plan lead routing efforts ahead of time. This applies to those individuals just getting their webinar program off of the ground, as well as webinar veterans out there.

Tip 2: Organize and Thrive

Organization is paramount in getting the most out of webinar efforts and establishing a solid webinar program. With so many moving pieces and variables involved, a little organization can go a long way. Organization is your friend (so very true!) and will help save your sanity and living to see another webinar day.

PRO TIP: Brush off your project management skills, because you’ll need them! Have a plan in place as a point of reference for efforts leading up to the webinar, as well as fulfillment activities (these can include sending out follow-up emails, posting the recorded webinar to your website, etc.) following the webinar go-live. Be sure to include key activities and deliverables dates, as this provides a natural timeline for webinar efforts.

  • Build out follow-up emails and any other marketing automation fulfillment components ahead of the big webinar day. Post-webinar fulfillment efforts should begin pretty quickly following the webinar go-live , so it definitely pays dividends to prep ahead!
  • Schedule and host a rehearsal before the big webinar day. This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how many marketers will forego a rehearsal. Rehearsals provide a great time to have everyone login, review timeline and expectations for the go-live day, answer any final questions and review the presentation together. This is especially important when you have multiple speakers involved.

Tip 3: Sales Enablement Strides

Webinars are GREAT lead gen and revenue-drivers, and can really benefit the bottom line! Providing your sales team with the most up-to-date opportunities to share this relevant content and messaging both pre- and post-webinar can pay off in spades. Basic efforts here: Coordinate, enable, communicate.

PRO TIP: Coordinate webinar sales enablement efforts with your sales team ahead of time. If webinars are going to be a consistent part of your lead generation efforts, then meeting and agreeing upon a SIMPLE (there’s that word again!) sales enablement plan will get things rolling. From there, re-visit periodically to optimize.

  • Enable your sales team with the ability to promote an upcoming webinar. One of the ways is to provide email templates that they can use to invite prospects or work with your sales team to send out an invitation on their behalf.
  • Communicate results with your sales team. Ask for five minutes in their weekly sales team meeting. This is a great place and time to share the latest in registration, planning and post-webinar fulfillment updates and results. Collaborative efforts such as webinars keep the lines of communication open and support a great marketing and sales relationship!

Ultimately, finding out what works best for you and your team in balancing webinars will take time, patience and consistent effort. Start with the basics, and scale from there to discover the many benefits of a solid lead generation webinar program. You’ve got this – give it a try!

Need some more webinar inspiration? Check out our library of past Pardot webinars to see how we put these tips into action!

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