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Pardot’s new social media integration package, Social Insight, pulls social data from public profiles across dozens of websites to help you learn more about your prospects and customers. Data points such as job title, company, and location are obviously helpful for lead scoring, grading, and classification purposes. But don’t dismiss the wealth of other information that’s literally at your fingertips, in the form of your prospects? public profiles on various social media sites. Here are some scenarios that illustrate how to get the most out of Social Insight:

Twitter ? Look at what your prospect is tweeting about to get some clues as to what’s on their mind. For instance, if they are tweeting feedback about the demo your sales rep just gave them, you’ll want to know about it. If their retweets suggest that they’re a fan of a particular blog, then imagine the impression you’ll make when you send them, seemingly by coincidence, a relevant article by that same blogger.

LinkedIn ? Learn which LinkedIn groups your prospect belongs to. This will give you additional insight into what sort of industry niche a prospect occupies and the professional organizations to which they belong. You can also get a good idea of what sort of content s/he finds inspiring. If a prospect seems to like videos, for example, you can respond accordingly by sending video testimonials or animated tutorials.

Facebook ? Determine a prospect’s likes and interests from their Facebook profile. This won’t always be strictly professional knowledge, but knowing that a prospect is a French cinema buff or a rabid golfer can give you an edge when you’re trying to make that crucial connection.

Pandora ? You can even find out what sort of music your prospect enjoys! Again, while this information is technically outside the professional realm, it still helps you get to know your prospect so that you can make a lasting connection. Plus, you never know what will come up in conversation, and knowing these little tidbits can help you bond.

Being aware of prospect needs allows you to respond accordingly, and discovering what makes them tick will help your sales team build that personal connection that’s so crucial to closing a deal. Your lead nurturing activities will be greatly enhanced when you make use of this actionable social data, and your sales rep’s calls will be far more effective as well.

But use this information wisely. You don’t want to come off as stalkerish to prospects (“I saw on Facebook that you have a new baby. Congratulations! She’s cute.”). There’s a fine line between gaining insight and being invasive. Make sure you use this data responsibly to enhance your communications with prospects.

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