Knowing Your Audience in 2009

I ran across an interesting article on ClickZ called The New ?You,? which gives some pointers for marketers to consider when crafting content. The article is meant to give tips for email marketing, but many of the points also hold true for building effective landing pages.

Focusing on the popular marketing approach of capturing a readers attention by addressing them directly as ?you,? the article recommends you keep in mind some key traits of today?s prospects in a business world that has gone through many changes due to the recent economic turmoil.

The New ?You? in 2009:

  • May Not Have Budget ? New budgets are in and you want to get in early before funds get cut. If your product offers a way for clients to save money, play up the savings factor!
  • Is Likely to be Worried, Busier and Distracted ? Audit your content and make sure it is interesting and easy to absorb. Try marketing through reputable e-newsletters and online publications in your industry to capture new eyeballs.
  • May no Longer be Authorized to Buy ? Purchasing decisions may have moved higher up the food chain. Try to survey prospective clients on their decision making role. This is something you can easily add to your forms if you?re not already asking.
  • May Need to Justify Decisions with More Evidence ? Build a strong case with third-party endorsements, white paper, demos and more
  • Might Not Even be There Much Longer ? Build multiple relationships within a single company to protect yourself if a contact gets laid off. You may want to have marketing programs that target different departments or levels within a company.This can be targeted email, or in the case of landing pages, strategic PPC keywords.
  • Is You and the People You Know ? What challenges are you facing this year that have changed your perspective? How about friends and colleagues? Gain insight from personal experience and use it to build your content.

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