Kiosk/Data Entry Mode for Forms, Form Handlers and Landing Pages

Today we released a new option on Pardot forms, form handlers, and landing pages which adds an option to capture form and form handler data without applying a prospect cookie to the browser. This is very useful in situations where data for multiple prospects is being entered from the same browser, for example at a trade show booth, and solves the problem of multiple prospects getting “mashed” together and sharing the same activity because of multiple submissions from the same browser.

For forms, find this option on the third step of the form wizard, under the “Advanced” tab.

Cookieless Form Configuration

For form handlers, find this option as a new checkbox under the “Success Location”.

Configuration of Cookieless Form Handler

For landing pages, this option is “inherited” from whichever form you choose to display. If that form has Kiosk/Data Entry Mode enabled, the landing page will not send a cookie to the browser.

Forms and form handlers with this option enabled will record the prospect submission and run completion actions, send auto-responders, etc just like normal. However upon viewing and submission, the browser will not be cookied or tracked. Additionally the prospect’s activity record will only show an activity for the form, form handler, or landing page submission with no “view” activity just prior.

A Prospect from a cookieless form submission

If the browser already has an existing visitor/prospect cookie, this information will be ignored and any progressive profiling will not activate. Hence for forms, activating this option removes the option to include the “Not You?” link (because it no longer applies), and also implicitly activates the “Always display form after submission” option.