The Key to Great Webinars? Organization


If you’ve ever planned, promoted, and executed a webinar, you know that it is no small feat.

Webinars have become a go-to tool for marketing departments in every industry. They allow easy access to a large audience, they are an effective tool for generating new leads, and they are a great way to nurture and develop relationships with your prospects. In terms of the cost-to-benefit ratio of your marketing assets, webinars are tough to beat.

However, successfully executing a webinar can be a big job. With so many moving pieces, planning, promoting, and launching your webinar successfully can give even the most organized marketer headaches.

But running your own webinar doesn’t have to be a pain. We’ve dedicated a whole section of new Marketing Webinars Handbook to helping you stay organized throughout the entire process.

And to help you get your webinars up and running fast, we’ve included a worksheet to walk you through the promotion process below for free! In the full Handbook, we’ll provide you with:

  • An introduction to the benefits of webinars
  • A worksheet to help keep you organized
  • A tip sheet to help you deliver an exceptional experience
  • An execution checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing

So feel free to make use of the worksheet below and grab your free copy of the full handbook today!