Why IP Warming Is Like Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! January always causes a marked change in my Facebook feed, of people declaring their new year’s resolutions and how they plan to stick to them. Fun fact, telling people your new year’s resolution actually makes you less likely to stick to it!

Inevitably, my favorite gym fills up with “resolutioners” — you know, the people who come to the gym in January all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, give up when they don’t see immediate results, and stop coming to the gym altogether. That’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? You can’t go to the gym a few times and expect to be able to win a 10k in a week, can you? No way. You need months of training and consistency to be able to be ready to handle that level of activity. IP warming is extremely similar in that regard. You can’t just start sending to 500k prospects without at least a bit of consistency and training on your IP address.

So where do you start with training — or warming up that IP address to get you where you eventually need to go? The key is to start small. In every case, when IP warming is concerned, it’s always better to start small and ramp up from there. We recommend starting by sending a maximum of 10,000 emails a day, then doubling your daily volume from there until you hit your eventual daily sending volume. The key here is monitoring.

What do I mean by that? Well, say you’ve had some pretty bad habits where eating and exercise are concerned. It doesn’t make sense to keep snacking on cupcakes while you try to start an exercise program, just like it doesn’t make sense to keep using your bad data to warm up your IP address if you have an unclean database and a cold IP. Clean up your lists first! Start by running a permission pass if you’re not really sure how your prospects opted in to receive your emails. Once you have a clean database, then you can start warming your IP address (and maybe your exercise program too).

So, we’ve started eating clean and are ready to start exercising. Great! Ramp up slow, start with a few minutes of jogging and keep monitoring your body’s reaction. Similarly, to ramp up your email sending, start by sending 10,000 emails and monitoring your bounce rates and spam complaints. Did you get a notification from the email compliance team the next day? Take a breather, review the lists you’re sending to, and make sure they’re clean from here on out. Nothing’s worse than having a major reputation issue because you ramped up way too quickly and need to take time off to heal — or having to reduce your sending volume back to square one because you went too fast. Start slow, ramp up safely, and you’ll be running that 10k (or sending 500k emails a day) in no time!