IP activations required starting on 4/1/2011

As part of our ongoing commitment to security Pardot will begin requiring activation for any unrecognized IP address from which you access the application. This prevents someone from accessing your account in the event that they discover your Pardot username and password.

Upon login, Pardot will automatically send you an activation email. Click the activation link and then log in as normal. The process is essentially the same as that used by salesforce.com. Please make sure you communicate this change to your users and reach out to us if you have any questions.

What will require IP activation?

  1. Accessing Pardot through the web application
  2. Accessing Pardot via the API

What will not require IP activation?

  1. Activity view in your CRM system
  2. LeadDeck (Pardot Desktop)

Managing Activated IP Addresses

You will be able to manage both account-wide activated IP ranges (e.g. your office, your servers that access our API, etc.) and user-set IPs (e.g. your user’s homes, their neighborhood coffee shops, etc.). This allows you to delete any temporary IPs (flights, hotels, etc.) that you no longer want and to also set ranges that you know you will need for API access.

IP Activation