Introducing The Lead Nurturing Lab

While it’s clear that lead nurturing is often the feature of marketing automation that garners the most attention (building relationships and delivering your emails at the perfect time, AUTOMATICALLY!? What marketer or sales rep wouldn’t get excited about that?) its becoming clear that a small number of automation users are actually, well, using it.

Lead nurturing can be intimidating and complex if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we have created our new, interactive Lead Nurturing Lab. This new tool is design to educate visitors on the basics of lead nurturing, provide a test builder for users to create their own drips, and offer examples of essential drips you can use to start building your arsenal.

Whether you are looking to learn more about automation or are a seasoned user looking to hone your nurturing skills, the Lead Nurturing Lab is definiely worth a look. Here is a quick preview of what’s inside:

Learn It All, From the Building Blocks Up


From features and functionality, to best practices, the lead nurturing lab provides tons of information and resources for nurturing enthusiasts. Not sure what nurturing is all about? Wondering what nurturing can do for your company. The nurturing lab answers all these questions and more, in a sleek, easy-to read layout.


Build Your Own Test Campaigns

Nurturing Lab- Builder

Although lead nurturing campaigns are highly sophisticated and intelligent, creating a campaign is as easy as drag and drop. The lead nurturing lab allows you to play around with the campaign creation process, stringing together different types of content, adding new steps and actions, and getting a feel for just how easy the creation process can be.


Get Example Drips For Any Topic

Nurturing Lab- Examples

With endless possibilities, it can be hard to know where to begin. The lead nurturing lab provides a number of example drip campaigns for essential tasks and strategies. Sort through examples based on the leads you are targeting to find the perfect campaign. Each campaign is laid out with suggested content and actions, making it as easy as possible to create strategic campaigns of your own.


Interested in seeing the lab in action? Take it for a spin yourself and see how lead nurturing can make your marketing more intelligent, more timely, and more effective!