Introducing the Complete Guide to B2B Marketing [New E-book]

In early 2015, Salesforce conducted a survey of more than 2,100 global marketers to better understand the current state of B2B marketing. The results proved that B2B marketers are as time-strapped as ever, and consistently grapple with three main challenges:

  1. New business development
  2. Lead quality
  3. Lead generation.

But that’s not all that B2B marketers have on their plates. The emphasis on a more cohesive, personalized selling process is growing, leading many marketers to increase their investment in technologies that can help them create one-to-one buying experiences. Marketers now own more of the lead-to-revenue cycle than ever, and are responsible for engaging with buyers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

In an increasingly digital and data-driven world, this means more than well-timed emails and the occasional clever Tweet. Marketers need to think bigger — and our new Complete Guide can help.

With over 80 pages of best practices content, actionable tips, and helpful worksheets, the Complete Guide to B2B Marketing walks through the eight main pillars of digital marketing, from lead generation to ROI reporting. Whether you’re building a B2B marketing strategy from the ground up or you’re trying to perfect the strategy you already have in place, you’ll find valuable insights to help you:

  • build effective and measurable lead generation campaigns
  • qualify and assign leads to sales — at the right time
  • increase the value of your database using targeted nurturing programs
  • create engaging emails that resonate with your target audience
  • develop a content strategy that supports your overall business goals
  • build a webinar and event marketing strategy from the ground up
  • engage with your target audiences over social media in an authentic way
  • report on the success of your marketing initiatives

Start your journey to becoming an even better B2B marketer by downloading our e-book today. Click on the banner below!


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