Introducing SSL for Vanity Domains

What is SSL?

As a B2B marketer, your website is likely one of the top tools in your marketing toolkit. That’s why it’s important to secure it via SSL (represented as HTTPS:// in your browser’s address bar). With SSL enabled, your site is less susceptible to injected content and man-in-the-middle attacks. Plus, major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are increasingly penalizing non-SSL (Secure Socket Layer) domains. Content that is not served over SSL can be marked as a security risk in your browser and could also potentially be penalized by our favorite search engines.

See SSL before the URLs in your browser

SSL and Pardot

While has long offered SSL, starting February 1 Pardot will offer SSL for vanity domains, allowing you to maintain your brand and your customers’ trust when prospects and customers see a secure checkmark in their browser.

Obtaining a certificate from our secure provider will be quick and easy and in no time you’ll be able to access your marketing content on your vanity domain over HTTPS.

Look out for our next post for guidelines on how to update your content for SSL.