Introducing the Scoring and Grading Handbook

We recently released our Complete Guide to Automated Lead Scoring and Grading, and while it’s important to understand the basics of automated lead management, how it works, and how it can help you, it can still be a little overwhelming when you sit down to build out your own customized scoring and grading model.

Enter, the Scoring and Grading Handbook. Whether you’re just getting started building your blended scoring and grading model or are trying to optimize the processes you currently have in place, the worksheets included can help you get the most out of this powerful feature. You’ll find:

  • a brief review of how scoring and grading work, the differences between the two, and why you need both
  • a worksheet to help you map out your approach to grading
  • a worksheet to help you audit and optimize your current scoring system

Check out the worksheet below to start thinking about the important questions to ask when collaborating with your sales team, and be sure to download the full Handbook to learn more about your next steps!


s&g handbook-11